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Aircraft engine

Consistently delivering quality assured parts at a price that makes a significant contribution to our customers profitability.

All components are overhauled at international centres of excellence.

Aircraft engine


Experienced staff provide technical expertise and excellent service under-pinned by an ingrained quality ethic.

Delivering high quality parts with excellent paperwork, on time, every time.

Products / Services

Supply of material, engines and processing end-of-life engines for large fan commercial aircraft.

Recognised as being one of the best in the industry.

Orange Aero

News and Press Releases


Tesla Electric Cars

Orange Aero has purchased two Telsa base Model 3 cars which are fully electric.


Orange Aero Joins
Big Brother!

Orange Aero has fitted all company engine stands with a state of the art tracking.

Water in a glass

Orange Aero installs Fountain of Youth!

Orange Aero have installed a hydrogenated water tap in the office


Bespoke Solutions

One size doesn’t fit all.

We specialise in tailored solutions, successfully delivered against our customers’ budgets
and time lines with exceptional levels of traceability and support.

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