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Engine Sales

Orange Aero will find the engine you need, carry out all the necessary technical research, deliver the engine when you need it and supply at a price that will reduce your costs. 

Orange Aero has supplied us with two engines so far and we want more. We have been pleased with the service and it has helped us to reduce our engine maintenance costs.”

Engine valuations

We are regularly asked to value engines for clients based on the current market conditions. These conditions can change significantly from year to year depending on all the factors that contribute towards the availability of engines.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff

Once we find a suitable engine we ensure everything is in order before submitting the engine records for customer approval. Upon approval of the records, we arrange our own inspection of the engine with the customer's engineer to verify condition and configuration.

What engine do you need?

The customer will specify the particular mark, the cyclic life required, the condition, the engine configuration, the price they wish to pay and the ideal time for them to take delivery.

Commercial and Legal considerations

In the final stages of engine purchase including: technical acceptance, issue of the bill of sale, delivery, transfer of funds and transfer of title, the customer takes comfort from the fact they are dealing with Orange Aero.

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