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Turbine blade

Accreditations and Quality

We all regularly travel on commercial aircraft and we never forget that quality underpins the whole business.

Quality as standard

Industry specific benchmarks are identified and built into our quality systems, which are regularly audited internally, by our customers, and by ASACB.

We routinely ask for customer feedback to ensure we are performing to the highest.


  • Our teams are knowledgeable and experienced in their specific field of expertise.

  • We continually monitor for additional training requirements and encourage expanding staff knowledge and capabilities.

  • Each member of the team is proactive in ensuring we supply the highest quality product and service on time, every time, and at a competitive price.


● Only reputable approved suppliers, who are regularly audited and monitored, are used.
● All material is supplied with the assurance of a non-incident statement and full trace as required.
● Centres of excellence are used to perform overhaul activities and documented evidence is supplied with each component, to ensure traceability.
● Life statements are included on approved release certification.
● Materials are stored within OEM recommended environmental limits, automatically controlled to ensure compliance.


  • We are regularly audited internally and externally, and we hold approvals from OEM’s, overhaul facilities and operators.

  • Our typical scope to customers is the supply of fully traceable parts for use on commercial aircraft.

  • Our scope as audited by ASACB is ‘Disassembly, stockholding and supply of aero gas turbine modules and components. The sub-contract overhaul of such components to approved sources'.

Certificates & Accreditations

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ASA100 (FAA AC00-56B) - Learn More...

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Trace Anti-Bribery Compliance Solutions - Learn More...

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