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Turbine blade

Parts Sales

All components have been overhauled at international centres of excellence approved to FAA, EASA & CAAC standards.
When it comes to engine component handling and packing, we meet all the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and we are regularly audited and approved by OEM’s, overhaul bases and leading operators world-wide.

“By supplying overhauled condition components, Orange Aero passes on substantial cost savings to its customers, without any compromise on engine build quality or build life.”

Why buy overhauled?

During engine overhaul, components that cannot be salvaged by approved overhaul processes are identified at detailed inspection.

These components must be replaced. Buying overhauled condition replacement components instead of new will dramatically reduce the cost of the engine overhaul.

Our standards

Components supplied by Orange Aero are overhauled in accordance with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) overhaul manual by approved overhaul facilities.

These facilities have a technical agreement with the OEM and are approved to carry out this work by their airworthiness authority

Our sources

When an operator replaces aircraft or changes fleets, spare engines, modules and components used to support the fleet become available.

The availability of overhauled parts is linked to the age of the aircraft in the fleet and the market value of the aircraft.


Components are traceable to an airworthiness authority approved source such as an aircraft operator, overhaul base or the OEM. Life limited parts are released by the overhauler with the hours and cycles used stated on the release certificate.

Where a customer requests “back to birth” trace for a life limited part then this will be provided.

The process

Engine overhaul shops do not necessarily have a full in-house capability to overhaul all the engine components. Specialised re-work is often carried out by third party component overhaulers.
Items that are often sent to third party overhaulers include compressor blades and vanes, discs and shafts, combustion liners, bearings, turbine blades, and turbine vanes.

One third party overhauler specialising in turbine vanes may overhaul vanes for ten or more overhaul shops.

This allows the third party overhauler to invest in expensive equipment needed for a particular process and reduces the price of the overhaul of the vanes. Also, the third party overhauler is subject to regular quality audits from all its customers and often becomes a world-wide centre of excellence for that work.

Turbine blades
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