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Working on aircraft engine

RTP (Reduce Engine To Parts)

There are three main options for reducing an engine to parts. We strip the engine, we send the engine for strip at a third party engine strip facility or we send the engine to be stripped by an engine overhaul shop.

“You don’t measure an engine strip facility by how quickly they strip an engine. One of the most important considerations is that they have a zero tolerance to strip damage.”

Orange Aero RTP

Maintaining our own disassembly capability and processes provides us with an efficient, flexible and controllable source of engine material. Engine strip schedules can be tailored to target the specific parts we require to meet our customers’ priorities. Once we recover the parts we need, we select the very best parts rework facilities in terms of quality, repair capabilities, price, customer service and turn time.

Overhaul shop RTP

Orange Aero has sent many of its own engines and also customer engines to overhaul shops. There are many potential pitfalls but Orange Aero staff have the knowledge and experience to monitor and control the process to ensure your project is a commercial success.

Third party RTP shop

Third party RTP shops vary tremendously and you need to select a shop with great care. There may be great emphasis on speed and a lack of key tooling which means that strip damage on an expensive life limited part or a set of turbine blades is a very real concern. At Orange Aero we will only use the very best third party RTP Shops.

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