Project Administration

Customer engines are allocated a Lot Number and the system provides all the information required to monitor the progress of a project. Essential commercial information is also available for Orange Aero staff including list prices, alternative part numbers, commonality of parts with other engine marks, rework prices, service bulletins and so on.

Parts Storage

Parts are labelled with all the necessary information and allocated a unique stock identity number. Each part or batch of parts is properly packed, handled with care and stored in designated locations in a humidity controlled warehouse. Parts will have some form of accompanying paperwork and this is stored electronically against the unique stock identity number. The stock is regularly audited to ensure our systems and procedures are effective.


Parts are drawn from stock and sent to third party overhaulers to be repaired or overhauled before being returned to our stock. We select the very best centres of excellence for parts rework. Our inventory control system handles all inventory movements required by the Company up to the point of sale and maintains historical records for all the parts we sell. These records go back more than 20 years.