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Orange Aero purchases 2 Tesla Electric Cars


At home from a 13A plug it charges overnight at about 10 miles/hour. A home Tesla wall box charges at 33 miles per hour and our charger at work is charging at 52 miles per hour. The current 125KW supercharger will charge at 500 miles per hour and the new V3 chargers with liquid cooled cables will charge at 1000 miles per hour. So in reality it’s a 10 minute stop at a V3 supercharger station to get a full charge for this base model. The range is given as 240 miles but in reality its nearer 190 miles.

Orange Aero first dabbled in EV technology with a Smart Car in 2007. In those days the range was given as 50 miles, however in reality it was more like 25 miles, which was not at all practical. How things have changed.

Orange Aero has purchased two Telsa Model 3 cars which are fully electric. These are the base model and at around £40,000 each they are not expensive.

If you have ever driven an electric vehicle you will know that they are very quiet and a relaxing drive but if you are so minded then the instant torque and acceleration is astonishing.

The best bit is that as a company car the benefit-in-kind is 0% from April 2020 (currently 16%). So for you high rollers your personal tax for the exclusive use of this vehicle is £0 this year and £200 for 2021. That’s it. You can even charge it at work.

The car packs a fair bit of technology as standard including adaptive cruise control and lane assist. The eight cameras are also utilised for sentry mode to record anyone too near the vehicle and the car constantly recording your journey. If you push the horn it saves the last 10 minutes of camera footage. Turning on the heated seat and cabin heater from your phone as you have your breakfast is just great.

Software updates arrive every few weeks for all manner of things. One of the most recent was to increase the charging rate and also pre-heat the battery on the way to a supercharger station so your charging stop is even shorter.

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